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What is Goal setting?

Goal setting put simply is the process of identifying things you would like to achieve, e.g., a better car, a different job, changes in your character or even learning new skills. Then writing them down in a list and figuring out ways in which you can achieve these changes & a time frame in which to do that.

How can I set goals?

Grab a pen and a piece of paper, or open up a new note on your phone or computer then sit down and think. What would you like to change? You can change anything. Think outside the box, do you want to change your life? Change your family or friends? Transform the world? And get writing/typing. We have included a sample goals list here;

  • Smile more

  • Stop eating junk food

  • Increase salery

  • Be a better parent

  • Read a book every day

  • Give more to charity

  • Become involved in world peace

These goals can be as extravagant as you want and in fact, the more extravagant and insanely impossible they seem the better because in a short space of time you will see that goals that you previously thought were unattainable are now within reach and actually you can see ways in which you can reach them.

The first step is writing the list. Once you have written the list you need to look at it and choose the one that you think will have the greatest positive impact on your life. Let’s say for example that is ‘be a better parent’.

Once again you take a new piece of paper or note in your device, and you write that goal at the top, then you need to write a list of at least 20 ways in which you can work towards and eventually reach that goal. Things like;

  • Read parenting books

  • Go to parenting classes

  • Speak to other parents

It’s up to you to make the full list. The first 3 – 5 will be nice and easy to get down, then the next 3 – 5 will be difficult. When you get to the last 10, these will be extremely tough. Research into this process shows that the 20th point will usually give you your answer which leads you to success.

How can setting goals transform my life?

By setting yourself goals, you will be opening the door to ways that you can reach your goals. Goal setting forces you to think about what you want to do and how you will do it. Repetition of these goals will encourage you to keep on striving towards your goals, past the easy stage and the first few failures, past the next few setbacks, and right on into success.

  • Review your goals daily

  • Make sure you have a plan of action

  • Be happy

  • Never give up

A great video on goal setting.

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