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What does it take to be happy?


A new car may make you happy for a while but once the novelty wears off you are back to the normal grind

A new house is great, but soon enough the novelty will wear off here too and when the next thing breaks and needs fixing that happiness is in the distance

Money can fix everything right? Sorry, you can’t throw money at all problems. No denying that it makes things easier but it doesn’t make life’s problems disappear

Family are amazing but there is no denying that they are hard work… children not sleeping, parents needing caring for, extended family needing support

Mindset is where the true happiness comes from! keep reading to find out why and how

The true decider of your happiness is your mindset because you could have everything in the word and still be unhappy if your mindset is not set to accept happiness.

On the other hand, you could have very little, but with a happiness mindset it wouldn’t matter because you would be grateful for what you do have and as a result have nothing to complain about.

Have we got your attention?

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Take our happiness test to see how you could be happier!

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