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The most important questions to ask yourself when embarking on personal development are…

How can I be a better version of me?

What good habits do I need to practice?

What bad habits do I need to change?

How can I develop into a better person?

Bee-Key’s favourite methods of personal development

  • Reading factual and informative books.

  • Taking advantage of the wealth of free information available online.

  • Spending time with, and listening to the people we aspire to be like.

  • Being proactive in searching for ways to be better.

Brian Tracy made a list of 15 qualities of successful people in this video. We believe that although it may repeat itself slightly towards the end, the message he is getting across is powerful in instigating change.

#1 Dream big dreams

Imagine yourself having already accomplished goals. That visualisation will help your mind to accept its acomplishability and bring you ways of getting there in real life.

#2 Do what you love to do

Find what you love and find a way to make a living from it. It is true to say that if you love your work then you will never be ‘working’.

#3 Commit to excellence

There is no point in half measures. Commiting to excellence means working towards being the best and accepting nothing less.

#4 Develop your unique talents and abilities

Something that you have always enjoyed is likely to be something that you are, or can be excellent at, and continuing to develop on the talents and abilities that you have already established in your life will help you find yourself in excellence.

#5 See yourself as self-employed

If you are employed, self-employed or unemployed you should still be working on yourself and therefore are self-employed in the self-improvement industry.

#6 Develop a clear sense of direction


For more on this subject click here.

#7 Refuse to consider the possibility of failure

There is no such thing as failure, only feedback. If you try something that doesn’t work you get feedback. Then you can try again differently and each time you get feedback you try again until you succeed.

#8 Dedicate yourself to life-long learning

Read, take courses and seminars, listen to audio learning material in the car. Just know that you can never stop learning if you want to keep improving.

#9 Develop a workaholic mentality

You can relax and take it easy once you’ve made it. Once you’ve reached your goals. Not before that.

#10 Getting around the right people

We absorb the attitudes, the opinions, the behaviours,  from the people around us. So it goes without saying that you should be around people who have the attributes that you want.

#11 Being prepared to climb from peak to peak

Life is not level. There will be highs and lows. If you can stay focused on your goals during your lows then you will reap the rewards by reaching all your highs.

#12 Resilience and bounce back

You will be knocked down over and over again so make sure you bounce and don’t break. A trick to this is mentally preparing for when things go wrong, than you are ready for them and able to bounce back.

#13 Being an unshakeable optimist

There is always a silver lining if you are open minded and looking for it. Remember, the world is good and people are kind.

#14 The qualities of courage and persistence

It takes courange to begin any kind of change because coming out of your comfort zone, is not comfortable. Once in the uncomfortable zone it takes persistance to see it through until you find yourself comfortable again. Then the process repeats itself (in successful people).

#15 The quality of self-discipline

For courage and persistence you need self-discipline. Self-discipline is the weapon that saves us from the evil that is procrastination.

Bee-Key tip – Each time you get feedback, ask yourself ‘what can I learn from this?’

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